"I have bought a few items from Uncle Sam's Retail Outlet and felt that I got a real bargain, I'm very happy with with the products and pricing and watch the website regularly to see what new things are available. I would recommend purchasing here to anyone, and thanks for the fridge magnet!" - Brad

"Hello, I just received my first order from you today-the USMC Survival Kit. This kit is unbelievable for the price! The finest American Made components at this price range is phenomenal! As an American who proudly served in the Army Reserves, I am honored to own this kit. Thank you so much and keep up the great deals. You have a customer for life!"

"Every time I deal with your organization I have had the same experience: perfect in all respects. The web interface is easy to use, the information is accurate, I have never had any problems with selecting items, entering information, billing, or shipping. From the perspective of a user, the overall experience is very much superior as compared to general web based ordering. Please share my comments with the employees responsible for the development and maintenance of your web portal. Thanks."
- Tom

"Bought one to see what it was like. Even though supposedly used, I couldn't tell it. Excellent value, as usual with USRO. Highest quality, equals or surpasses the commercial one I bought years ago. I'm buying one for each of our bags. Highly recommended for campers or preppers expecting damp or snowing conditions."

"Amazing prices! Really helps on a patrolman's budget!" I.Cantu

"Ordered one of these for camping/bushcraft align with the Molle ll sleep system carrier, and it's perfect. It looks like it just came off the factory floor. Fast shipping too, I couldn't be happier."

"On the last order I made, everything was great. Speedy delivery, nice packaging. I'm very satisfied with the items. Thanks!!"

"A buddy came in to our local store, iv lived here my whole life, but had never gone in until 2 weeks ago, I loved it, and iv been wanting to go back since, and I loved the stuff I got, it was in really good condition, and amazing quality! Thanks!" - Jame

"I teach firearms training in southeast Kansas and am always outdoors teaching. I am always searching and buying from Uncle Sam's Retail Outlet for the gear I need and always find great deals and everything is new or like new. I love this site and recommend it to all of my friends, family, and students." - Mike

"I have always loved searching for military surplus items for use in outdoor activities, long ago it involved surplus stores [which had mostly overpriced junk] then more recently the internet.Prior to discovering USRO I was shopping at other sites and getting worse quality while paying much more. I am constantly amazed at some of the new items, some of this stuff you cannot find elsewhere. If USRO says a product is either 'new' or 'like new condition', you can bet your bottom dollar it's brand-spanking-new either way, the only difference being 'new' is still sealed in the package. And as far as the 'used' items, most are just as pristine as new, and some were obviously used but nearly always in great condition. As far as USRO as a company, they are very reliable and consistent, as well as having inexpensive shipping options. And yes, the fridge magnet is always a nice bonus. Thanks and keep up the great work!" - Mike

"I just received my U.S.M.C Filbe pack. Not only is this the nicest surplus pack I have ever bought, but I received this from Oklahoma City within 24 hours! The very fastest I have ever received any package in my life. Tell everyone this was a 5 star, best of the best purchase experience for me. Thank everyone associated with this sale/handling and shipping for me" - Mike Harlan 

"Outstanding! I appreciate your quick responses. Ya'll are awesome!" - Brian

"Thank you for the great deals on your website. i bookmarked you and hope to buy from you again in the future. Thanks!" - Michal

"The two items I ordered were way more than expected in quality! These containers should last a very long time! This is one very satisfied customer. MANY THANKS" - Randolph


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