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Is there and advanced product search available?
  Currently there is no advanced product search available. This is something we are hoping to put in place over the next few months. Thank you for your patience. If you need help finding a product, please call customer service at 480.367.1300.
What happened to my order history?
  We apologize that your order history for orders placed before 8/9/2012 is no
longer available for viewing online. If you need to view your orders before
this date, we can retrieve your order history for you. Please note that this is done on
a case-by-case basis. Please call customer service at 480.367.1300 if you would like your order

To view your order history for orders placed after 8/9/2012, please click here.
Where is my wish list?
  Our goal is to always give our customers the best online surplus shopping experience,
so we found it necessary to make some changes and improvements to our site.
Unfortunately, your old wish list was not able to make the transfer over.

We invite you to join in on this new beginning, and start a new wish list. A wish list
is a convenient way for you to save a organize items you would like to purchase
later, or an item that is not currently in stock. Learn More About Wishlists Here